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Founders, Sean Sharkey and Daniel Dorsett of Feet First Foundation identified how trauma can be healed using the theory of textbook boxing. After months of research using qualitative and quantitative measures, the science of boxing is proving to be an alternative therapy for individuals with trauma. The two met with long time trainer of the Fightkore Kids Program Dr. Jaromy Bell and set out to improve the attitudes, behavior, and overall feeling about life in the Martinez community using boxing as a starting point (Feet First). With the help of close friend and member of Fightkore Gym Steve Peterson the four created a non-profit program as an alternative therapy solution to cope with depression, anxiety, aggression, impulsivity, and anger. There is consistency among the top researchers and psychologists that to overcome trauma there must be a regular physical activity with a mental component.

The longer the trauma continues or goes unaddressed, the more extreme of a program that is needed to minimize its effects. The four decided something had to be done and therefore searched for a team which lead them to Brandon Kregel who pivoted the program to offer research and data for various agencies. Studies on neurobiology of PTSD, found that traumatic stress affects the hippocampus, amygdale and prefrontal cortex of the brain. These are areas of the brain responsible for emotions, memory and complex cognitive behavior, decision making and social behavior. When these areas of the brain are not functioning properly, then it becomes difficult for the traumatized person to control their emotions and impulses and will have difficulty relating to others in socially acceptable ways. This leads to various types of youth violence including, but not limited to, bullying, substance abuse, suicide, and harming others.

Our assessment testing is based on the CDC (Center for Disease Control) youth violence assessment. The CDC has identified indicators for youth violence that include, but are not limited to, impulsivity, aggression, social competence, conflict resolution, safety, and empathy. The effect of trauma is that it creates or increases the severity of emotional and/or behavioral issues. These indicators are what are being tracked through the assessments at Feet First Foundation.

This program does not in any way promote violence, but instead promotes discipline, self-awareness, empathy, and self-control while building self-confidence and increasing focus. As a result, the affects of this program are seen in increased attendance to school, better focus in the class room, and treating others with respect.

Our Mission

Feet First Foundation uses the science of boxing to empower at-risk children and women. Our mission is to STOP bullying in schools, COMBAT human trafficking, and PROVIDE natural power to minors with substance abuse.

“Our freedom isn’t going to come at the hand of man, but in the shaking of our foundation” Bianca Olthoff

“When your own shadow is blocking the light, step aside and look within.” The Key to Life

“Hardship often prepares ordinary people for extraordinary destiny” C.S. Lewis

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to be part of the program?

To qualify one must have a referral from our community partners, a police record, Child Protective Services, Domestic Violence case with children, teenager contemplating running away or childhood trauma, or school referred.

Is your services confidential?

All training is 100% confidential all records and performance will be tracked and recorded. If a social worker refers you then progress reports will be provided.

Do you offer mobile services?

Our trainers do offer onsite training if approved with the community partners location or at one of our facilities.

Am I suppose to wear athletic attire for my training?

Yes, please be on time, and prepared for training with your scheduled coach.

Will there be others in the room training or is this closed sessions?

All training is closed sessions and we ask no cameras held during workouts.

How long will the program take to be restored?

This is a long term commitment it depends on the individual and it case by case.

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