About Us


eet First Foundation was created by two individuals that have a passion for helping people. The idea cultivated from personal experiences involving children that were part of a continuing crisis involving local police, investigators, district attorney, social workers, and ongoing trauma viewed as unhealthy to the point both kids taken into state custody then released.

Sean Sharkey personally took the father and kids in and taught them self-defense and the life of a boxer. A boxer’s responsibility is to learn foot work first, then keep the arms positioned as goal posts, making sure to block the face and protect the body, and to understand that you will get punched and knocked down, but the mindset of a boxer is to get back up and not let anyone knock you down.

The two founders already work in the community by helping troubled kids get through challenging times. The system works and Feet First Foundation has the answer to help stop human trafficking by creating a program that will empower young adults and children just like the program that is already in place by Sean Sharkey.

Our Mission

To reduce the number of human trafficking cases. Our goal is case by case working with victims that can learn skills of self-defense and rebuild confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to be part of the program?

To qualify one must have a referral from our community partners, a police record, Child Protective Services, Domestic Violence case with children, teenager contemplating running away or childhood trauma, or school referred.

Is your services confidential?

All training is 100% confidential all records and performance will be tracked and recorded. If a social worker refers you then progress reports will be provided.

Do you offer mobile services?

Our trainers do offer onsite training if approved with the community partners location or at one of our facilities.

Am I suppose to wear athletic attire for my training?

Yes, please be on time, and prepared for training with your scheduled coach.

Will there be others in the room training or is this closed sessions?

All training is closed sessions and we ask no cameras held during workouts.

How long will the program take to be restored?

This is a long term commitment it depends on the individual and it case by case.

Contact Us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.