Feet First is a comprehensive boxing program that uses textbook boxing and emotional teachings to help students to focus, be confident, help others, and develop strong character. The program’s mission:

    1. Increase confidence while learning to be disciplined
    2. Improve in school academically and socially
    3. Initiate excitement to attend school regularly
    4. Help others at school and in their community

Our non-profit after school program is designed for anti-bullying, confidence building, better grades, and empowering students. This program does not in any way promote violence, but instead promotes discipline, self-awareness, empathy, and increase focus.

*If you feel the student qualifies for financial assistance with our program please email us at mail@feetfirstnp.org and we will contact you.

Check out our ABC CH7 news story below by ABC news reporter Katie Utehs.

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