What is Feet First?

Feet First promotes resilience and well-being in youth

Our program combines physical exercise, mentoring and mental health counseling to give youth the tools and confidence they need to persevere and flourish.


Prioritize Mental Health

Today’s youth are stressed, overwhelmed and disengaged.

The tolls of the pandemic along with the everyday stresses and strains of childhood and adolescence cause many kids and teens to experience significant levels of stress, anxiety, depression. The Surgeon General of the United States has declared a crisis in youth mental health.


Feet First is uniquely positioned to help.

We provide an innovative and engaging program that targets physical health and emotional well-being. Our counselors and trainers teach youth the skills they need to improve mental and physical flexibility, confidence, resilience, grit, and coping. Feet First is committed to helping young people meet the demands of a changing and unpredictable world.


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