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Mauricio Sulaiman Saldivar

Mauricio Sulaiman is the President of the World Boxing Council, and born in Mexico City, Federal District. Mauricio graduated in Business Administration from the Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Campus Estado de Mexico, whose academic achievements include two more specialties, in finance and another in High Responsibility Management by the Association of Presidents from America. He was President and CEO of Controles Graficos Enterprise, a manufacturing company with three business divisions: printing, security and digital solutions. In 1992 the WBC appointed him Director of Public Relations and in 1994 he was elected Vice President of the North American Boxing Federation. Five years after being elected WBC President, Mauricio has developed various initiatives, such as amateur and professional tournaments, active participation in social and reintegration programs, women’s boxing advancement with the organization of three Conventions, monitoring boxers in need, creation of special belts to commemorate great fights, seminars for judges and referees around the world. Mauricio is passionate about social contribution, serving children in search of a better future, regardless of religion, race or color, through sports. Mauricio is passionate about music and sports, who from his childhood, followed the footsteps of his father, the man who taught him to serve others. During his time as the head of the organization, Mauricio has worked, guided by the values that his father instilled in him in more than 38 years as the head of the WBC, focusing on same values with the Feet First Foundation character discussion on honesty, responsibility, respect, solidarity, loyalty and friendship. Another important aspect during Mauricio's leadership is the work with the Pope Francis foundation, Scholas Occurrentes. He also worked hard to get Jack Johnson´s pardon. Justice for the first African American heavyweight champion

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