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Why Feet First California
Matters For Your Students

As educators, we understand your concerns about students missing classroom time. However, Feet First California’s unique blend of non-contact, cardio boxing, and social-emotional learning (SEL) is not just an extracurricular activity – it’s a powerful tool to re-engage students in the learning process. Studies have shown that physical activity, integrated with SEL, significantly enhances students’ academic performance, concentration, and ability to stay on-task.1


The Science Behind Our

Our program is deeply rooted in proven educational strategies. Incorporating SEL within physical education has shown to create positive classroom climates, deepen students’ understanding of core concepts, and increase retention of information.2 When students engage in physical activities, they experience not only physical benefits but also crucial mental health improvements, aiding in better focus and learning post-exercise.3

Real Outcomes For Your Classroom

Improved Academic

Regular physical activity
is linked to higher grades and test scores, as it enhances concentration and motivation in the learning process.4


Our program helps in reducing
disruptive behaviors like fidgeting,
allowing for more harmonious and
productive classroom environment.

Emotional and
Social Growth

By nurturing SEL competencies,
students develop better self-management
and relationship skills, crucial for their academic and personal lives.


Our Commitment To Your Students’ Success

At Feet First California, we are committed to your students’ holistic development. Our 36-week curriculum aligns with CASEL standards and includes regular assessments to track progress in social-emotional learning. By participating in our program, your students not only re-engage with school but also cultivate life skills essential for their future.


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