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Our story

Two guys in 2017 teamed up together to help kids in schools and communities. Since then, they have provided support to thousands. Now they are developing statewide. The program combines non-contact cardio boxing, mentoring and mental health support to give youth the tools and confidence they need to persevere and flourish.

  1. August 2017

    The Feet First Foundation is established, obtaining 501(c)(3) nonprofit status.

  2. November 2017

    Feet First holds its first local fundraising event, which is covered by local news media

  3. February 2018

    Feet First partners with its first school in Contra Costa County.

  4. October 2018

    • Feet First Day receives a proclamation to stand up and help others in Martinez, California.

    • ABC News provides full coverage of Feet First’s work in schools.

  5. August 2019

    Feet First is now operating in 18 schools within Contra Costa County.

  6. October 2019

    Feet First Day receives another proclamation in the City of Concord, California, marking a day to help kids stand up and help others.

  7. March 2020

    All schools close due to Covid-19, but Feet First continues to offer programs to students virtually.

  8. September 2022

    Santa Clara County gives Feet First approval to operate within its schools.

  9. October 2022

    Feet First obtains approval to start a program at Pittsburg High School.

  10. November 2022

    Feet First resumes its partnership with the Mount Diablo Unified School District.

  11. March 2023

    • Feet First begins a program in schools in San Jose, California.

    • The Feet First Foundation partners with the State of California to support mental health initiatives for youth.

  12. May 2023

    The Feet First Foundation hires full-time staff to support youth mental health in California.

  13. July 2023

    Feet First meets with the Los Angeles City Council and the School District in Los Angeles County.

  14. August 2023

    Feet First receives approval to support Los Angeles County Schools

  15. September 2023

    Feetfirst supports Contra Costa County, Santa Clara County, Los Angeles County Youth

  16. October 2023

    • Feet First meets with San Luis Obispo County schools to support youth.

    • Feet First puts plan together to support Sacramento County Youth.

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